Apartment 1

Price from 53 € / night


Apartman is equipped with two twin beds and a sofa that can be used as a bed. There is a kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, rv. kettle and electric hob.


In the bathroom there is a shower box. Eau part is a separate unit.


Apartman1 offer TV with over 70 digital channels and radio. Among our standard also it includes Wi-Fi network. There is air conditioning.


Coffee and tea are free. Possibility to purchase wine, beer and soft drinks in the apartment (minibar).


Before the apartment is a small terrace with seating. There is a private parking space in front of the apartment. The complex is closed and there is a remote control at the goal.

Price for 1 person / night 53 €

Price for 2 person night 55 €

Price for 3 person night 60 €